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The Author's Secret - Graphic Design for AuthorsThe difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do. – Zig Ziglar

Welcome! You got here because you clicked a link for The Author’s Secret. That’s great! This is our new home.

More to the point, it’s my new home.

Hi, I’m Kayelle Allen and I’m the founder of The Author’s Secret. In November 2011, I created this company to support other authors. It’s been a joy to do and it took a long time for me to decide to put it aside.

Have I quit? Not entirely. I am no longer promoting my graphic design work under the guise of a separate company. Instead, I’ve combined it with my author website. This way, I’m promoting one person instead of two separate entities. Maintaining social media for two people is exhausting.

Now, I’ll be able to focus more on my writing and still offer graphic design. If you were a client at The Author’s Secret, I still have all your files and can send you backup copies whenever you want.

If you’re new and have never purchased from TAS before, I hope you’ll visit the store and take a look.  My contact info is on the right.

Welcome to the new digs. Please make yourself at home!