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New changes and updates on the website. Bookmark this page and always know what’s new. Any time I upload or change something, I note it here.

I began this site in 2004, and kept notes, but would erase them when adding the next thing. I decided it would help me track progress if I kept them. It’s an interesting walk through the history of the site, and changes that have been made. A crash in 2011 wiped out links in the text, but most of the links were internal and referred to other pages. Once I have the other basic pages up, I’ll add an updates archive page with all the old info. For now, these are changes made since 2015 only.

There is a goodie at the end of the page for readers who venture that far.
Thank you for reading. — Kayelle Allen

2016 Updates

Mar 7
Had an issue with the blog. A config file blew up and needed to be reinstalled. My host provider handled it, but it took me over 90 minutes online to get done. Updating some pages I had already fixed, so starting 2016 here.

2015 Updates

Sep 14
I added new books and updated their pages. The blog is now updated as well.

Aug 12
The final edition of the Romance Lives Forever News went out today. After this, it’s the Romance Lives Forever Reader Group, and will be structured to give back to my readers far more than it did before. I learned so much in Las Vegas at #RNC2015. One of those things was the importance of communicating with my readers more often. I’m focusing on that by giving away a new book written just for them. Bro is the result.

Jul 17
More positive changes! I’ve made the book Wulf, Tales of the Chosen permafree. I have other good things in store for my readers as well. My new Romance Lives Forever Reader Group will have cool goodies just for members, including exclusive downloads, giveaways, and contests. Watch for more by bookmarking the website, or signing up at my Reader Group page.

Jul 2
After attending RNC2015 in Las Vegas, I came back armed with good info for making my website better. I will be implementing updates immediately, and have already started on some areas.

May 26
Added new pages, including “About the Illustrator” for Jamin, who is the co-illustrator for the Tarthian Empire Companion. Still updating basics on the site and figuring out how to use menus. It’s all new to me.

May 22
I took down the website, all 90+ pages of it. I’m rebuilding it a step at a time to make it mobile friendly. Look for new info about returning pages here.

May 5
Happy Cinco de Mayo! Updated the Romance for Christmas page and added a new link.

Apr 12
Added  hidden page for promoters who work with me to grab banners.

Apr 6
Updated the artist info page with new links for Jamin Allen and Nimajination Studios.

Mar 18
I joined the Independent Author’s Network, and have added new links to my page on several of the pages on this site, including the home page, Books, and other pages.

Mar 13
The Tarthian Empire Companion is now live on Smashwords and Amazon. More will come online soon. Added buy links to the book’s page.

Mar 11
Added a review to the Reader Reviews page.

Mar 6
Updated links on the first page, and added a better blurb for the Companion book.

Feb 11
I updated this page by changing the info at the beginning, and updated the first 30 pp by making the link to my mobi site more accessible. The main site is not responsive or mobile friendly, but the mobi site is. I plan to upgrade this spring to make it more friendly, but in the meantime, you can access book info there.

Feb 9
Added a banner to the Bringer of Chaos page.

Feb 7
Updated the Night Raven Gallery.

Feb 3
Created new banners for the upcoming Tarthian Empire Companion.

Jan 31
Uploaded a new version of the Bringer of Chaos cover.

Jan 28
New map for the Tarthian Tour Company homepage. More accurate and better graphics. Updating due to the upcoming Tarthian Empire Companion.

Jan 26
Updated the Wallpaper page with images of the Milky Way as it appears in 15127 AD within my books.

Jan 13
I added the buy link for Human Perfect. It’s available for preorder until 1/19 when it will go live in the Amazon store.

Jan 9
Uploaded Human Perfect to Amazon today and set it on Preorder status. There’s a freebie attached to this on the Tarthian Empire Companion page, as well as a link on the Human Perfect page. You’re welcome.

Jan 8
Human Perfect is back from formatting and ready to be uploaded for pre-order. The hashtag is up too. #tecefreP

Jan 3
Two new wallpapers are up. These are for Innersoul and Humancopy, the two main android businesses mentioned in Human Perfect.

Jan 1
I added a new book cover. Human Perfect will be out this month. In the android business, the best of the best are Human Perfect.


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